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Brown Tweed Pineapple Coat


This coat is based on the Chunky Pineapple Cardigan.


The yarn used for the Chunky Pineapple Cardigan was an economy yarn purchased at Lidl and not available for repurchase. I also had trouble finding a yarn of exactly the same weight.


The yarn I substituted the Lidl yarn for is Sirdar SuperNova Super Chunky Fashion and is more readily available to purchase.


I had to adapt the previous pattern to allow for the change in gauge - the Sirdar was not as chunky as the Lidl yarn.


I decided to add a collar which would also deepen the front and allow the front to meet and fasten. I used a pineapple motif for the collar to match the centre panel. Adding the collar required some 'fixing' as the additional border tended to get 'frilly' under the bust area ... but I think I have now solved the problem. I've used two buttons to create a simple double-breasted effect which easily adjusts for size as the buttons are passed through the fabric at the most appropriate point for fit.


This is the coat at the sleeveless stage and it had not been blocked yet:





I added sleeves to create a proper coat:





I wanted to do a 'solid' sleeve but hadn't enough yarn, so ended up doing a 'mesh' sleeve. The cuffs match the edging on the coat and are slightly flared. To make the most of the yarn, I made the cuffs first (so I knew I had enough yarn for those) then attached the yarn to the body to create the sleeves .... when I finished I had less than 24 inches of yarn left!





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