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Corset Cardigan in Peru

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Finished 01 October 2009


I had the idea for this project several months ago ... at the beginning of a class I was about to teach (not crochet!) and sketched it on the electronic whiteboard just before the students arrived. Fortunately the whiteboard saves to pdf!

I found a corset pattern on the Internet, and cut it out of newspaper. I used that as a template for the body area.

I finished off the top edge of the body with a row of sc - and then stitched into the back loop only to rejoin the yarn and add the 'lace' top. I added another row of sc into the front loop to give a ridge between the corset body and lace top.

I used four gorgeous pewter clasps from www.purlescence.co.uk to fasten the corset - a zip would have been an alternative.

The yarn is Sirdar Peru Naturals Chunky with a 6.00mm hook.






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