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Magenta Shawl

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Magenta Mohair Shawl

30 March 2009 - 10 April 2009


Made with Parisienne Mohair in Magenta from Colinette.


Yarn: 4 skeins Parisienne Mohair (100g)



Hook: 7.00mm

Pattern: Pineapple Shawl from Amazing Crochet - adapted by adding two extra rows of pineapples to give the length required. I also added a bead at each end of each row, plus a bead to the third of the each of four chain sequence that forms the start of each scallop of the final row. The beads look fabulous … but were a total pain to do. Threading a couple of hundred beads onto kid mohair and moving them along the yarn constantly was irritating but the result was worth it in the end.


Made for: My sister-in-law - to match a deep pink dress.





Detail of beaded edge:


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