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Scrumptious Cherry Shawl

Page history last edited by Heidi 15 years, 3 months ago

Scrumptious Cherry Shawl


I spent some time in sat in k1 Yarn Boutique on the Saturday 31 Jan 2009 before going to a meeting. The Yarn Boutique has a really-too-tempting selection of high quality yarns, with comfy chairs and a small coffee bar to tempt you to sit, crochet, and ponder what you could do with all that yarn! www.k1yarns.com


The yarn that more than tempted me was a DK Scrumptious in Cherry by fyberspates - a sensual mix of merino wool and silk. The sensual nature of this yarn is impossible to show in a picture ... but everyone who has seen the shawl has to touch it and fingers linger and caress the yarn everytime!



Yarn: 350g DK Scrumptious in Cherry Red by Fyberspates

Hook: 7.00 mm

Pattern: Adapted from the Pineapple Shawl in Amazing Crochet Lace - see Amazon Link for more details - by adding an extra row of pineapples


Although the 7.00mm hook is larger than normally recommended for DK weight yarn, it allowed this particular yarn to fluff slightly and for the beauty of the yarn and the stitches to stand out.




One of the most useful features of this pattern is that the tips of the shawl are long enough and shaped so well that they can be tossed over a shoulder, or tied round the body and behind the back.



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